—Neon Exodus Evangelion


The ARC.

humanities biggest most ambitious project since they terraformed Mars. a deep space colony designed to transport 10,000,000 people across space to seek out new worlds and populate them for the sake of ever expanding humanity.

the ARC may have humanity behind it, but there are more than a few oppositions of the project back in the solar system, since the Evangelion war (also known as the One Year War) opposition to the use of Evangelions has caused many units to be ‘scrapped’ and the development of the valkyries (giant robots, without cores or biological components) to replace the ageing, and frankly dangerous Evangelions as the premium weapons of war, defence and deterrent.

Some, like the Human Alliance, Ender Foundation and Space Defence Force speak out openly about the project condemning it as a unjustified waste of human resources. organizing rallies and in the case of the space Defence Force active armed violence.