• Ben Gardener

    Ben Gardener

    small inquisitive kid, diabled, zooms around in a wheelchair, powerful Eva pilot,
  • Kaori Saya

    Kaori Saya

    milky skin with light brown hair, very shy and quiet, military background, worked with Shade before.
  • Major Haymen Rayne

    Major Haymen Rayne

    built like a tank, large Arian Male left eye replaced by bionics. Valkeyerie pilot, professional badass
  • Alice Evelyn

    Alice Evelyn

    Pale milk white skin, long ice blue hair, peircing red eyes,
  • Boar hounds

    Boar hounds

    the four pilots (sans Rayne) that make up the Boar hounds Valkeyrie squad; Anvil Gato, Char Aznabel, Johnny Ridden, Lalah Sune
  • Captain Sophia Gellespi

    Captain Sophia Gellespi

    blond blue-eyed ops Director, relegated to assistant ops-director with Tsuru taking her job... she seems kinda bitter about the whole thing
  • Delessa Sol

    Delessa Sol

    NERV Commander, pale haired woman in her late fifties, Makes Gendo Ikari look friendly and approachable
  • Shade Anzela

    Shade Anzela

    Dark skinned girl from Mars, military trained Eva pilot, brat, superiority complex
  • White Rabbit, Red Queen, White Queen

    White Rabbit, Red Queen, White Queen

    Magi biological computer system, all appear as young teenagers have pale skin and light hair, White rabbit is male, red and white Queens are female