Captain Eric Tsuru


Name: Eric Tsuru
Background: War Survivor
Sex: M
Age: 35
Skin: Brown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
OPS Director

WS: 27=7+20
BS: 32=12+20
S: 27=7+20
T: 28=8+20
Ag: 27=7+20
Int: 43=18+25
Per: 38=13+25
WP: 33=13+20
Fel: 32=12+20
SR: 41=11+30

EXP: 900 /900 (500+400)
-100 re-roll stat, +500 drawbacks, -200 Assets, -600 talents

Insanity: 1/100
Ego Barrier: 100/100

Loss, Trauma (Starts with 1d10 insanity)
Just try me (½ insanity points)
Imprint (spend fate to auto succeed Common lore check)

Command (Fel)
Scrutiny (Per)
Speak Language (English) (Int)
Literacy (Int)
Search (Int)
Security (Agi) 10]
Common Lore (History)
Common Lore (General Sciences) [
Scholastic Lore (Evangelions)

Wounds: 2+7=9
Fate points: 2

Academic (add two common lore, one scholarly lore and one talented bonus)

+200xp – Slow Healing (regain 1 less wound per healing, min 1)
+100xp – Phobia [Aerophobia] (-20 to willpower and auto-fail fear)
+100xp – Obsessive Compulsive [Record keeping] (-10 unless act is performed)

Starting Talents: Skill Proficiency (Search + Security), Melee Weapon Training (General), Pistol Weapon Training(General), Cut Synch

(-)Talented [General Sciences] 10
100) Requisition Support [N-IV Interception Plane] x2
(100) Equipment Load-out [Seeker Missiles]
(100) Equipment Load-out [Bakelite Drop]
(200) Precision Targeting
(100) Foresight
(100) Skill Training [Security] +10
NERV Uniform, Notepad and ballpoint ped, Smart Phone, Nerv issue Sidearm


Subject is of average male height and possesses a wiry and trim build. He is of Nigerian Descent, but possesses no hint of an accent. Malnourished as a child, he stops just short of being handsome. His eyes display a powerful intellect and he carries himself with the air of someone who has endured hardship and risen above it. He possesses warm chocolate coloured skin, sky blue eyes and curly black hair cut short. Due to his lack of certain essential nutrients in his youth, his body is more prone to disease and takes longer to heal.

Subject has a powerful fear of flying, and will prefer not to leave the ground if at all possible. This fear extends to spaceflights but not to artificial gravity environments. When traveling in small craft he is the most afraid, but large enough ships or stations bypass this fear. As long as he is not reminded that he is not on the ground, he functions normally. As such, he typically avoids windows.

Subject Compulsively records any information he is told or his own thoughts. A meticulous record keeper, he records whole conversations and writes them up later. As he is briefed on new data he habitually scribbles it down on a notepad or enters it into his PDA/smartphone. This habit is particularly annoying for his staff as he will sometimes write down everything they say. This serves as a method of stress relief, wherein the subject externalizes the source of aggravation and distances himself by putting it on a page. When asked why he is compelled to do this, the subject responds by saying he never wants to forget anything.


A war orphan from one of the later annexation wars, prior to the great Evangelion war. After spending a few years in a refugee camp, the subject was one of a handful of exceptionally bright young people who we’re taken under the wing of the UN. After spending several years in one of the UN training programs, he was drafted into the One year War. Due to his background, he was assigned to fight on several theatres of war with extreme environments. During one such battle, his aerial transport crashed and was left stranded in the middle of a martian desert. Unable to help his fellow soldiers as they died from exposure to the harsh environment.

When his tour was up, he joined an officer training program to gain the authority needed to ensure no unnecessary deaths happened under his watch again. Unlike many of his fellows, he showed particular aptitude for frontier fields of warfare that capitalized on new technologies. After a meeting by NERV representatives in his third year, he was convinced to change focus and accept NERV’s offer of sponsorship. After spending a few years studying large scale Bio-mechanical technology and military application, he accepted a job on NERV’s newest venture: the ARC project. After spending two years with the rank of Commander, he coordinated the security contingent of Valkyrie units on one of the rings. After proving himself both capable and experienced, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and assigned to a secret mission aboard the ARC, knowing little Tsuru is forced into a situation he has little control over.

Captain Eric Tsuru