Timeline of events leading up to Neon Exodus Galactica.

1990-2015- the events of Neon Genesis Evangelion takes place

2016- third impact, an event happened which nobody can remember, the world just suddenly became a barren waste, strange images and visions plague the people of the world and if possible the sea seems redder than before. Mass panic and hysteria grips the world. This phenomenon became known as third impact

2017- the UN takes control and seizes control of a number of nations. governments including Japan and most of Europe. America annexes Canada by force, this sparks a small scale war which is quickly quelled when America sorties Evas on the front line. This marks the first deployment of evangelions as weapons of war. America is viewed with distain by most other countries.

2017-2030 the hugely powerful UN continues to absorb nations slowly, some object but are squashed and their economy left in tatters. The rebuild effort begins and grows in power. Evangelions become designated as weapons of Mass destruction and are only used as deterrents.

2031-2040- huge population boom as the economy returns to a manageable state and the quality of living improves drastically for any UN supported nations. The UN still offers support to none-UN countries. as an act of friendship America becomes part of the UN

2041- UN announces plans to colonize mars, there is uproar that such money would be wasted on such a frivolous venture. America removes itself from the UN as do a number of other countries. America begins forcefully annexing other countries and becomes the UNA –the united nations of America. China also begins absorbing neighbouring countries

2041- Terraforming of mars begins with the melting of the polar ice-caps a process to take 4 years

2042-2060- rebuilding of the world continues,

2045- much more water existed in the icecaps of mars than was originally anticipated, the planet is largely flooded.

2046- stage two of terraforming begins and the planet is seeded with cybernetic nanomachines. The official statement is that there are high-tech atmosphere treatment plants implanted in strategic locations around the Martian globe.

2051- China and Russia form an alliance making them the second largest world power before the UNA and after the UN. America is pissed.

2065- first colonists placed on Mars, atmosphere still not breathable, colonists live in pressurized hab-units countries around the globe step up Evangelion production for unknown reasons. An Evangelion cold-war develops

2070- construction begins on the first orbital space colony. UN pours all its resources into its space project. So much money is spent that all previous forms of currency become obsolete. First Martian city begins development in preparation for the first wave of colonists

2075- mars is officially colonised. The first 10 million people move off world and onto mars. Constructions begins on three more space colonies, two will sit in the Lagrange points of earth, two will orbit mars and one will orbit Jupiter

2078- tensions grow as the UN becomes more aggressive to unite the earth, not allowing individual
countries to populate parts of mars or allow separate nations access to the colonies,the ARC project is announced

2079- war breaks out among the human race on a scale never before seen. Evangelions are sortied to combat other EVAs. the Earth is split into four factions, the UN, the new American nation, the Sinion Alliance and Britannia which had up until now lightly resisted UN control, seeking to rebuild the independent British empire of old they suddenly announce their independence of the UN and America.

2080- the Evangelion war known as the one year war ends. Largely due to actions from a single British pilot who managed to hold off assaults from both America and the UN as they battled for British soil. Her death was highly publicised and a massive public outcry shattered the American nation. The UN then turned all their attention on the Sinion front. With their superior firepower in the form of orbital positron cannons and backing by NERV. Sinion was quickly crushed and the whole world was placed under UN rule. The un becomes the UC-united colonies and adopts the other moniker UFLC no-body knows what it stands for

2095- all colonies are finished, populated and placed, construction of the ARC is finished and announced to the public.

2105- the ARC is populated and ready for launch.

2105- the events of NEON EXODUS GALACTICA